Air Spray or Roll the Great Debate

Air Spray or Roll the Great Debate

Some debates take on a life of their own, begging the big questions, changing the fate of the entire nations, and reshaping the very world in which we live. What makes life ethical and meaningful, and what is the best way we can achieve these aims? Which social, economic, and political systems can create the best and fairest societies? Which incarnation of the Doctor on Doctor Who is the best?

Sure, that last one may be a joke (though the answer is clearly still Tom Baker, jelly babies and all), but it’s often good to have a bit of a sense of humor about these things.

Case in point – air spray versus rollers, which is the better choice?

It’s an important consideration for interior decorators, painters, and construction experts alike, so let’s put this great air spray versus roller debate to rest.

Air Spray Pros

Let’s begin by taking a look at the reasons why air spray may be the better way to go.

For one thing, air spray is an incredibly versatile choice. If you are looking to enjoy fantastic finishing services for surfaces in your interior and exterior décor as different as your cabinetry, ceilings, walls, and trim, air spray can be the way to go. For another thing, air spray paint wide swaths in a short span of time. If you are looking to cut down on the time it takes to get the job done, there’s no denying that air spray options can be quite the timesaver.

Air Sprays Cons

That being said, air spray options aren’t free from difficulty or downsides. All of that speed and power comes with a price – it uses up quite a lot of paint. What’s more, it takes a decent amount of skill to wield an air sprayer, so if you’re a rookie, it can be hard or even dangerous to try and keep an air sprayer under control.

Pro Rollers

Now let’s take a look at the roller side.

Rollers have the obvious advantage of not requiring special training to use, even if the professional technique can, of course, add a great deal to the quality of your paintjob. What’s more, rollers don’t have the same problems of using up lots of excess paint.

Roller Cons

While rollers are tailormade for long smooth surfaces, other surfaces can pose problems. What’s more, manually applying paint via rollers can take a long time. There’s also the fact that where air spray can cover surfaces in a clean, even manner, rollers can potentially leave drips and drabs behind, potentially streaking surfaces if you’re not careful.

The Verdict

So, which side in our great debate emerges the victor?

While there are many different elements which can factor into a decision, and certain situations in which rollers may be better, air spray options, particularly for more experienced painting and interior decorating teams, can prove superior if you’re willing to pay for the extra paint.

With that in mind, spread the word and spread some paint across the surface of your next big decorating project.

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