5 Do-it-Yourself Interior Painting Projects Fails

Failure Of Paint Project

We’ve put together a list of some the top fails most do-it-yourself painters experience when attempting a big painting project by themselves.

Lead Poisoning

Let’s discuss lead-based paint. There are special laws and rules when disposing of lead paint that was established by the Environmental Protection Agency. If your house was built before 1979, it may contain lead-based paint. It’s very hazardous to your health if inhaled or if eaten (please don’t eat paint). How can it be inhaled you ask? When prepping a surface for a fresh coat of paint. If there is lead-based paint present in a room, then this area will need to be ‘quarantined’ from the rest of the house. We highly recommend hiring a painting contractor to assist with this. Special respirators and safety gear are used by professional painters to avoid inhaling lead-based paint.

Forgetting Past Fails

Do-it-yourselfers often make a critical mistake of not inspecting areas where paint doesn’t belong. This includes natural wood, tile floors, carpets, and furniture. These mistakes can go unnoticed but a painting contractor can point each flaw out to their customer before painting. Photographs and videos should be taken so the chosen professional painter is not held liable for existing damage. If you decide to paint the interior of your home without an inspection, flaws can stand out like a sore thumb even with a new paint job.

Water and Oil Don’t Mix

Is that new coat of paint peeling off the wall already? There’s a big possibility that you painted over the old paint with a different material based paint. If the paint oil-based, the new paint should be oil-based too. The same for latex paint, as well. The only possible way to paint over oil-based paint with a latex paint is by using an oil-based sealer/primer beforehand. To help determine which type of paint is currently on your walls, use a moistened rag with denatured alcohol and then rub it on the painted interior wall. If there is paint on the cloth, it’s latex paint. If there is no paint on the rag, it is an oil-based paint.

Painting Around Furniture

Late start, fast finish, spattered the couch and now hiding the paint stain with a throw (or the dog). This is another mistake that is all too common, not prepping the room early enough. Do-it-yourself home painters may plan to paint on the weekend but forget to remove photographs, wall art, knick-knacks, or any other small items ahead of time. A professional painting contractor can assist with preparing the room for the project. Why give yourself a headache when you can hire reliable help?

Attempting to Fill Cracks with Gobs of Paint

A new paint job will not hide nail holes, dings, or cracks. It does give the damage a nice highlight your guests to see and it’s a sign of a lazy paint job. Licensed painters who believe in delivering quality results will seal any holes of cracks before applying new paint.

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