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Best Interior Painting Contractor

When Marc Poulos takes on a painting project, we ensure that the surface preparation is given top focus, so that the paint stays intact for as long as possible. We undertake a thorough cleaning of the exterior walls so that all dirt and mildew is removed. And, when we undertake an interior paint project, we ensure that your light fixtures and other belongings stay scratch-free.

One of the most respected painting companies in Chicago, IL, at Marc Poulos, we know what it takes to create a painting project, and customize each project according to the client’s wishes. In fact, we go by the mission to transform your dream home into a reality. This mission has also led us to provide you the best and the most punctual services within a reasonable budget for utmost client satisfaction.

So, next time when you look for a painting company that can deliver on its commitment in Chicago, IL, just give us a call at (847) 483-9094 or drop us a mail at

Quality Guaranteed:

When we undertake a paint project, we ensure that all defective caulking is removed and all rotten boards are replaced with new and bare wood. We first prime this wood before installing it in your property. Our team will also ensure that all the gaps, if any, between adjoining wood are sealed with a good quality sealant. Whether it is a power wash or a wood finish project, we always use top quality products and do not compromise on the quality ever.

We Offer All Paint, Renovation and Revamp Services under One Roof

Seldom is a paint job done in isolation. Hence, along with interior painting services, our services cover exterior house painting, exterior wall painting, exterior trim painting, exterior wood painting, power washing, wallpaper removal, plaster restoration and many more.

If you are not sure about what services your home would require, just speak to our experts and they will provide you with a free estimate, with no hidden charges.

We Give You Enough Reasons to Choose Marc Poulos for Your Next Paint Job

At Marc Poulos, one of the most eminent painting contractors in Chicago, IL, we do not compromise on the quality of products that are used for the painting and other services. Your sidings might be of wood or aluminum, we assure you of the most professional results in each case. Our team of painters have highly experienced in brushing, rolling and spraying techniques to come to the utmost services of our clients. Besides, we also ensure that all paint colors and shades are selected as per the wish of our clients.

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As a company with vast experience, we understand that proper estimates cannot be provided over the phone. So, we offer on-site inspection where our experts shall visit the location and inspect the area carefully before providing you with afree estimate. Call us today!