Our Story

Marc Poulos started painting homes during summer vacations while attending college and wrestling at Drake University. Marc had a brief career in the real estate and financial services field but one day while sitting in a cubicle. He realized his true passion was beautifying homes. Marc began working with a variety of small craftsman shops, before serving an apprenticeship with the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chicago. His commitment to excellence won him Top Apprentice from Washburne trade school in Chicago the premier school of its kind in the country.


Marc spent 7 years beautifying the Ritz Carlton. While employed at the Ritz, Marc marveled and absorbed the level of service delivered to the guests. Marc dreamed of delivering that level of service in the contracting field. His chance came when his beautiful wife Vicki was expecting their 3rd child and about to leave the workforce to be at home for her family. With Vicki's love and inspiration Marc formed MVP Decorating which was in existence between 1996-2009. Marc strived to continuously deliver an outstanding experience to his clients. A couple bad business decisions and the economy's woes of 2008 left Marc with a failed partnership and no cash flow.

So the partnership was dissolved and Marc had a pile of debt and a wife and 3 children to support. Like always the love and support of Vicki and faith in God lifted Marc up again. Learning from the business failures of the past and raising the commitment to deliver an outstanding experience Marc formed Marc Poulos Painting knowing his name and reputation would be on every job.

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