Can Home Exteriors Be Painted During the Winter?

Can Home Exteriors Be Painted During the Winter?

Naturally, it is ill-advised to paint the outside of your home if you are surrounded by eight feet of snow, and ice is weighing down the nearby electrical wires. However, exteriors can be painted on winter days that do not feature extreme weather conditions or ice.

Is the Paint Made for Lower Temperatures?

In fact, exteriors can be painted during the winter time as long as the outside temperature is at least 35 degrees Fahrenheit. You also have to make sure you use the right type of paint. Currently, certain acrylic paints can be applied in low temperatures. As a result, a home can be painted in the dead of winter. However, you cannot paint the exterior based on temperature alone. You have to look at other factors too.

What Is the Temperature of the Substrate?

The temperature of the painting surface or substrate should also be 35° Fahrenheit or higher. Therefore, the ambient temperature may be acceptable for painting. However, the substrate temperature may prevent you from doing the work.

Colder Air Causes Paint to Dry Slower

You also have to remember that paint takes a longer time to dry when it is colder outside. So, you need to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of drying time before the temperature takes a dip in the evening.

Store Materials at Room Temperature

Any materials that you use should be stored at room temperature as well. These materials include caulk, paint, patching, and other associated items. Room temperature is considered a working temperature for any tools or products you use to paint your house.

Allow for Extra Drying Time

If you are working with a painting contractor, ask them when they will begin the work and what time they will finish that day. You need to ask these questions as it usually is not a good idea to begin before 8:00 am. If the painter tells you they will work until dusk, you may want to find another contractor. In order to allow for adequate drying time, all the paint should be applied before the temperature begins to plunge.

Where and When Will the Work Commence?

You also need to ask the contractor where he will begin work. Don’t work with a contractor who says he will start working on the north side of the property. As the sun rises in the east, that is the side of the house that should be painted in the morning.

Again, make sure that the paint is designed for lower temperatures. An experienced painter should be able to discuss paint brands that are temperature-compatible. In fact, someone who is knowledgeable about painting should be able to explain how temperature extremes affect paint, and how it is better to paint during sunny times, or between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm in the winter.

Sometimes, when you want to give your exterior a better appearance, it is hard to wait until early spring to have the job done or paint your house. However, there are those expert painters who can help you make improvements without feeling the need to wait until spring.

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