Color Ideas for Your Guest House: Choose Carefully

Guest House Color Ideas

When you start asking around or browsing online to get ideas about painting and decorating a guest house, you’ll find a wealth of ideas, most of them visual. This means that you’ll often get your best ideas from the galleries provided by paint companies and interior decorators who’ve completed projects for valued customers. You might see several photos of different spaces that perfectly combine paint color, furniture choices, and so on.

Apart from these almost-real, visual clues, there are a few basic factors to keep in mind when you’re in the planning stages. The most important of these has to do with making sure that you choose colors and styles that will make your guests feel at home. Remember, you’re not decorating these rooms for your use or pleasure. This doesn’t mean that you completely ignore the look and feel you prefer. But this is a guest house, after all.

Welcome, Relax

With these preliminaries in mind, you should choose your colors, style, and room layout with the idea that you want the occupants to feel welcome as soon as they stroll in. From that point, you should make sure that your choices suggest, very gently, that the guest should relax. Where do you turn for inspiration? As mentioned, visual clues are very important. Some images will just say “yes” to you when you view them with the idea of being relaxed and welcoming.

Some decorators start with the suggestion of being gender-neutral so all guests will feel comfortable. They also believe that you shouldn’t overdo any one idea. Don’t use all bold colors or all whites and pastels. Try for combinations, complementary colors, and contrast in the proper balance. One example might be a soft hue of yellow with carefully selected browns and tans. If white is used in this combination, it might be best to use off-white or cream.

You might feel that “whimsical” is a great idea, which is fine if you have younger guests or you know that your guests have the same sense of fun you have. Designers suggest certain types of artwork that provide complement or contrast to the wall color.


You might also give some thought to where you are located. For example, guests will appreciate staying in a house, even one room, where the colors reflect the location. For example, walls that evoke the sea and sky along with “crustacean” colors for accents on bed clothes and curtains would be perfect for the separate guest quarters at your beach property.

Gray and natural-wood tones are outstanding for a guest room and a den if your visitors are the studious, reading and relaxing types. They will appreciate natural-wood floors or dark colors for carpeting as well. If the room is situated so that morning light is one of the key features, use this when choosing window treatments. Choose your wall colors accordingly with creams, light yellows, and beige as part of the palette. In a general way, try to think ahead of how your guests will feel and perceive the house as they make use of each room.

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