Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter

Professional Painting Contractor

Many homeowners debate with themselves if they should take on a do-it-yourself home interior painting project or if they should hire a licensed painting contractor to do the work for them. You will obviously need to pay for labor when hiring a painter. The cost of a quality paint job can be worth your while. The question to ask yourself is, “Can I achieve the same results like a professional painter?”

It’s important to calculate how much it would cost if you prefer to do the work yourself. This includes paint brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, and anything else that needs to be purchased because it’s not on hand. Licensed painting contractors are usually properly equipped with all necessary supplies and this is included in pricing. They are able to get materials and paint at a contractor rate which is significantly cheaper than what a homeowner would be expected pay out of pocket. Once all of this is taken into consideration, you will realize it requires a lot more effort and can become expensive if you’re on a budget.

Safety Comes First

There are often homes that need interior work or exterior work that requires climbing extension ladders or use of special painting equipment. At this point, it’s highly advisable to leave this type of work to a painting professional. Safety is very important and it’s not worth risking breaking a bone or falling.

Top-Quality Work and Years of Experience

When hiring a professional painter, they will have the skills and knowledge of proper prepping techniques of different surfaces in your home or office. This helps ensure a long-lasting paint finish. Painting can require a lot of work and there are many details that should be considered. It’s easy for a novice painter to become anxious when selecting painting supplies but a professional will already come with the knowledge of what works best in that scenario.

We cannot state enough how important experience is. There have been many times when we’ve had to correct the mishaps of do-it-yourselfers and other painting companies. If preparation work is not thought through and completed step-by-step, it can cause product failure or improper surface finishes. Professional painters can leave the newly painted walls visibly attractive because of the many years of experience in residential and commercial painting.

Timely Fashion

Many homeowners are astounded at how fast a high-quality painting contractor can finish a project that seemed impossible to complete. Painting is their career and this is an everyday thing for a professional painter. This should not come as a surprise that they can cut your do-it-yourself project time in half. There’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional, in fact, it may just save you money and timing.

Easy Clean-Up

When hiring a licensed painter, cleanup will not be a hassle for the homeowner. All unwanted leftover paint will be properly disposed of, as well as, any other materials that were used to complete the painting project. Work can be completed with no major disturbances in your household and it will be left mess-free.

The professionals at Marc Poulos Painting are ready to assist you in achieving a high-quality, mess-free paint job without the extra hassle and over-spending. Contact us today!

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