3 things to consider when choosing a wall color

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Choosing a wall color

Choosing the perfect wall color can be extremely exhausting. The last thing you want is to choose a wall color and realize that your bedroom is too bright now or that your living room is too dim. The color of your walls for any room is very important, as that’s the first step towards creating a character for any space. So, here are 3 things to consider when choosing a wall color and ensure your walls end up looking the way you want:

Determine the room you are choosing the color for

The most important thing is to always be mindful of the room you intend on painting. For your living room, brighter colors can provide a warm feeling and brighter colors like red and purple are great. The bedroom, on the other hand, might require a cooler colors like light blue, light green, lilac or lavender. Similarly, colors like yellow and green are considered are great for spaces like the kitchen. Though these colors need to blend with your furniture to complete the final look, these are some good points to consider.

Consider the furniture in your room

In order to manage an overall balance in your rooms, your wall color needs to be in sync with the colors of the furniture in your room. For instance, if your carpet is dark brown, you might want to choose a wall color that matches well with a brown floor like a lighter shade of brown, or maybe white, but not something bright like yellow. Furthermore, if you want to choose a wall color for your bathroom, where all the fixtures are white, you might not want to choose a pop of color like red or yellow or a sedate color like dark green. Along with the color of the wall and amenities inside the room, the lighting is also important.

Pay attention to the lighting

Lighting, natural and otherwise, should be a key consideration while choosing a wall color. Based on which direction your room is facing and how much sunlight it receives, there are a few cues regarding wall color choices. East and west facing rooms receive less sunlight and a warmer shade can brighten it up, whereas south facing rooms receive plenty of natural sunlight and look great with cool colors. North facing rooms can be a bit tricky as they do not receive much sunlight, so you might want to choose your wall colors based on your light fixtures.

These are among the top 3 things you should consider while choosing a wall color. While these tips are great, the most important part, however, isn’t choosing colors according to the furniture, or paying attention to the lighting. The most essential tip is to choose a color that you like. Be free to experiment new shades and step a little outside that box!

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