5 reasons why you should paint your walls yellow

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People struggle over choosing the perfect shade of wall color, and there are plenty who recolor their walls in just a few weeks; usually because their room is too bright or too dull. But, this is obviously not the most cost-effective solution. The real tussle is between choosing between warmer and cooler shades and it can all get a little overwhelming. Yellow can be your solution and here are 5 reasons why you should paint your walls yellow.

Considered the strongest color psychologically

Every color has a certain impact in the human brain. Like blue calms the mind and is considered best for classrooms and hospitals, yellow equals optimism. It makes the room look energetic and cheerful and is said to give out positive vibes. Its brightness reflects happiness and joy and is recommended in living rooms and exterior house walls. Also, yellow creates a playful yet urban look for a kitchen.

Makes a space look bigger

Many houses are painted yellow on the outside because it helps make the house appear bigger than it really is. Even in living rooms and rooms that are smaller, the color yellow is recommended. It makes the room appear larger with its brightness, which creates an added space illusion.

Wooden furniture looks great with yellow walls

Furniture made of wood, or basically any furniture that has earthy tones looks best with yellow walls. Painting you room yellow and decorating it with wooden furniture, especially of a darker shade of brown, will make your room well balanced. Even if your tables and closets aren’t dark brown, you can always get some wooden picture frames to hang, this will complement and enhance the yellow wall.

Makes the house look more welcoming

Exterior or interior, yellow makes the house look extremely warm and friendly. Especially in places with cold climate, and during winter, yellow walls add warmth to the walls, making it look extremely welcoming. Even during sunny days and warmer climates, yellow doesn’t fail to attract attention and make anyone who passes the house feel welcomed.

Works great as an accent wall

If you want to add a little excitement to your walls, you might want to try a delightful blend of yellow and another color for your room. Yellow complements and works well with most colors while giving out a different character with every color combination. For instance, yellow alone may make you feel warm, but a blend of yellow and blue may give you an energetic vibe. This could be perfect for your workout room. If you are someone that prefers while walls then yellow can add a little more character without making you feel like you experimented too much.

Yellow walls are great and particularly if you have not tried something other than white walls then this is a great color to start experimenting with. Give yellow wall as try and enjoy the right amount of color on your walls!

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