4 Colors That Will Brighten Your Room

Bright Room Colors

Many houses have rooms or a space that lack natural sunlight. This could be because the room is facing north or because the room has little to no windows or because it is a basement. The wall colors in such areas can greatly change its look and feel. There are a number of ways to brighten up dark rooms and spaces. Some strategies include keeping glass doors instead of solid doors to let the sunshine peak in, or to use lighter shades of furniture. But, the most effective and cost effective suggestion is to paint your walls with the right colors! So, what are the right colors? To make your life easier, here is a list of 4 colors that will brighten your room:


Many people say that painting a dark room white will make the room look dull. But really, it depends on your windows! Whether or not white will be the color that will brighten your room will highly depend on how much light your room gets. For example, if you have quite a few windows in your room but all of the windows are facing north, then white might just be the color for you. This is because your room is dark enough to be considered low light but at the same time, bright enough to embrace white walls.


Any room when painted yellow will look bigger and merrier and it’s a neutral color that works well with most settings and furniture. Dark rooms are usually small, so painting the walls yellow will not only brighten the room but also make them appear larger. Yellow is best for commonly dark spaces such as basements, hallways, and also for any room with few or no windows. For hallways especially, it is better to choose a more neutral shade of color, so a lighter tint of yellow is perfect.


This will look great if you’re painting a dark bedroom or a dark living room. Peach isn’t a traditional choice as a wall color for a dark room, but if matched well with light colored furniture and glass doors, it could add the right amount of brightness to your room All you need to keep in mind is to use a lighter shade of peach so that your room could also appear to be larger.


Though this is not a traditional choice for rooms and spaces that lack sunlight, it could add the much-needed character to your space. If you have a dark room but also don’t want to be basic and paint the walls a lighter shade, you can try a shade of livid. Pair this color with white or light brown furniture and lots of yellow lights. This may give your darker space the much-needed makeover.

Now that you know your colors, all you need to do is get some paint and start painting. Depending on your furniture, your choice of bulbs, the number of windows in the room and especially which room it is, choose the perfect color to brighten up your room. Your low-light room and spaces are waiting to get brightened up!

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