Ideal Color for Your Living Room

choosing a color for painting living room walls

The living room is the space in your house you take everyone to; your friends, your family, your colleagues. Everyone that has been to your house has most likely been to your living room! So, this is a space in your house that is most public and arguably requires the most attention. Frankly, an offbeat bathroom wall color (though there is no need for any ugly walls in your house) won’t matter as offbeat living room walls. Keeping this in mind we’ve compiled a few pointers to help you choose an ideal color for you living room,

Before you start painting ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you interested in intense warm colors like bright red or orange, or are you going to choose cooler shades and colors like white and light blue?
  • Do you want your living room to have a cozier look with yellow or cream walls, or do you want your living room to be more formal with gray, dark purple or brown walls?

Instead of worrying about choosing the perfect living room wall color from thousands of different hues and shades of color we have a simple but effective solution: try yellowish beige!

Unless you have a color that you are passionate about trying, for living room walls, yellowish beige can be the perfect wall color. While some people experiment with bright yellow to make their living rooms look bigger and some people experiment with gray to make their living room look more formal, yellowish beige is the color that will make your living room look both bigger, warmer and formal enough.

The whole point of getting yellowish beige walls in your living room is to make everything look like its put together well. And the best part about painting your living room walls a yellowish beige is that it complements all types of furniture. Though some wooden furniture is a little difficult to blend with certain wall colors, but with yellowish beige, it is warm and neutral enough to allow you to choose any furniture and it will still look great. Black coffee tables, or dark brown wooden chairs, or bright colored couches- really, there is no color of furniture that won’t look good with yellowish beige walls.

To further enhance the yellowish beige walls, you can choose an eye-catching piece of furniture. This means you could get accessories like a red lamp, or blue cushions, or a gold photo frame to brighten your room up a little bit. This will bring an artistic and welcoming feeling in the room without looking unharmonious or overdone.

If you think yellowish beige isn’t your color, or if you feel that it is not enough of an experiment you can go with another color. Just keep in mind that warmer colors will bring a more welcoming look while cooler colors will bring formal look. Also, make sure the color you choose blends with the furniture in your room.

If you have any other shade in mind for your living room, go for it. But if you’re still confused, or if you don’t want to risk it, go with yellowish beige. This is a wall color that won’t ever disappoint!

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