Reasons Why Textured Paint is a Great Choice

Four Reasons Why Textured Paint Is a Great Choice

Four Reasons Why Textured Paint Is a Great Choice

When choosing the kind of paint you want to apply to your property, you’ll want to consider several key factors, from sheen and water resistance to brightness and durability. While all of that may be obvious, less obvious may be the question of whether to include textured paint – a choice that an increasing amount of domestic painters are making.

Whether you’ve been out of touch with the world of paint for a while or simply have a feeling about textured paint, here are four reasons why you might want to give textured paint a try.

  1. The Customized Touch

One of the most important aspects of any paint job is to leave your own custom stamp on things. You don’t want to work for hours only to emerge with a paint job that’s boring and uninspired. This is especially true if you are painting your own property. 

Textured paint is great for this, adding a unique touch to your wall’s surface. It can make the color look different in different lighting and shading conditions, and literally adds a new dimension to your painted surface. You can choose from a wide range of color-texture combos to bring out different moods, adding a whole new depth to your property’s painted appearance.

  1. A Metallic Edge

This can work particularly well if you turn to metallic paints. These are already bound to stand out compared to standard primary and secondary colors, but adding texture can help “raise that to a new level” in more ways than one. Metal paints tend to look very sleek and smooth, so getting one that is also partly texturized can subvert expectations without undermining the color choice.

Like metallic paints, textured paint is a great decorative choice.

  1. Paint Freshness

Of course, if your paint is texturized, you want to make sure that’s by design, and not because it’s spoiled. You should thus make sure to check the expiration date on the paint can and not mistake texture for the chunking that comes with spoilage.

  1. Affordability Counts

Nobody should ever find themselves priced out of being able to achieve the stylish appearance they want in their home or business décor, especially when it comes to something as simple as paint. There are a lot of pricey paints out there, especially among glossier options. Thankfully, textured paint tends to be among the more affordable paint options on the market.

Thankfully, not only is textured paint affordable in its own right, but it can actually add to the overall cost-effectiveness of your decorating budget. By adding textured paint to your walls, you can make them stand out without having to spend extra money on other techniques. Great color and texture make this a decorating twofer that’s one of a kind.

Painting your property with textured paint can be a great way to imbue it with a feeling of freshness and excitement. It can also be quite cost-effective and affordable. When taken together, these make a powerful case for considering this underrated type of paint for your next decorating task.

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