Backyard Upgrades to Do Before Fall

Backyard Upgrades to Do Before Fall

We all know that the general wisdom regarding painting is that it is better completed in the summer. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which being that you don’t want autumn winds or winter rain to blow leaves and debris into the fresh paint or wash it away with rain.

On the other hand, it seems a shame to not paint for half the year or more. What if you get a great idea during the fall or winter and want to carry it out right then? 

Or, to take it one step further, maybe you have a pre-autumnal-themed painting idea, such as those listed above – after all, ‘tis the season!

  1. Tree Bench

This choice gives you all the fun of an autumnal paint job while still allowing you to complete it during summer. A tree bench can be enjoyed year round as well, giving it even more appeal. You can choose to add a tree bench around your tree in either a straightforward rectangular style or a more circular one that encircles the base of the trunk.

Either way, once you have selected the option, you’ll want to choose a paint scheme that highlights and complements your tree’s bark and leaves, and voila.

  1. Front Deck

Decks are obviously a common summertime project, and thus a great one to finish while you still have time before fall sets in. In fact, this can be a great way of matching your home’s aesthetic to a darker, more autumnal tone.

If you are going to do this, you’ll want to choose a deeper brown, for example, or darker wood stains.

  1. Fence Touch-ups and Murals

If your fence has been besmirched or chipped, you won’t want to let it sit all fall and winter, so better to touch it up sooner rather than later. If that’s the case, you can easily do a bit of touch up as long as you drape a protective tarp over the fence after you are done.

Murals are an intriguing idea because they are not really time-sensitive since they aren’t a main structural feature, but rather a more decorative project. As a result, you can take as much time as you like to get it right, and that can include going slower over limited painting time during wetter fall and winter months.

What’s more, murals can be another great way to tap into an autumnal palette of auburns, browns, bright reds, oranges, and other colors that suit the season.

  1. Painting Pillars

Since pillars are typically located beneath roofing of some kind, they are somewhat more sheltered from the wet weather than other features. As such, not only can they be a great choice to complete before fall sets in, but these paint jobs can also be continued into the fall as well given the sheltering ability of the roof.

Anyone of these painting projects can be a great one to try before the long autumn months set in and you have to put away your paint buckets for a while. 

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