What Are the Best Colors for Trim Paint?

What Are the Best Colors for Trim Paint?

Trim can play a huge role in the appearance of the rooms in your home and how they are perceived both by you and your guests, which is why it’s important to pay attention when choosing trim color and to pick the best option for your space. Painting trim means painting crown molding, chair rail molding, baseboards, and even door and window casings. Because these is so much trim in your home and because it can be used to define and elevate your space, it’s important to carefully consider the color that you are going to use when painting to make sure that the transitions in your home are clear but not jarring.

If You Have a Contemporary Home

Homeowners who have used contemporary décor throughout their homes will benefit from using trim color that is the same as the color on the wall. This can be done by either using the exact same color as on the wall or a slightly tinted version. Doing so will create a very uniform, warm look throughout your home. If you have a number of color changes where the rooms flow into each other, then it is advisable to pick one color for the trim and stick with it throughout the home.

White Is Great for Traditional Homes

Homeowners who live in traditional or classic homes will benefit from using off-white or white paint to brighten up their trim and create an interesting contrast in their rooms. White looks great on both dark and lighter walls, making the rooms feel clean, crisp, and architecturally interesting. There are many shades of white to choose from with whites that have a blue tone to them ideal with lighter walls and in natural light and warmer white perfect for rooms that rely on overhead lighting.

Make a Statement with Black

One trend that is becoming more and more popular is to use dark colors, even black, on the trim inside a home. Doing so will actually give your space a lot more depth and interest and effectively create incredible views when framing windows. While it may come as a surprise to a lot of people, black pairs especially well with greens, grays, and even powder blues and lighter aqua for a dramatic look that people will not soon forget. If you think that black is too drastic to use in your home, then using another dark color may be perfect so consider deep brown or even just a shade that is significantly darker than the color of your walls.

While the decision of what color to paint your trim is ultimately up to you, by considering the pros and cons of various colors and the overall feel that you want in your home, you will be able to decide on a color that will improve the appearance of your space and make your home uniquely yours. The décor and design of your home as well as the color paint you used on the walls will help you find a trim color that fits your home perfectly.

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