Change a Room’s Mood with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Change a Room’s Mood with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Are you tired of walking into your home and getting the same feeling each and every time? Are you bored with the way the rooms look and have looked for years? When it comes to giving your home a bit of an upgrade, simply changing the color of the walls can actually have a profound effect. The colors you choose to paint specific rooms can not only influence their overall design and appearance, but they can even have an impact on your mood, helping to change the way you feel about a space whenever you walk in and out of it. Here are a few popular different paint colors and how they can influence the way you feel today.


If you’re looking to give a room a spark of romance and luxury, then purple is definitely the best way to go. This color will help put you in the mood to accomplish a wide range of creative projects from painting to writing as it creates this mysterious and interesting vibe in any room it’s included in. Choosing it for a bedroom can be a great choice since it will help to give you just the right amount of energy without being overwhelming. Additionally, if you choose lighter versions of this color, something such as lavender for example, it could actually end up helping you sleep better every night due to it’s calming and reassuring nature.


Are you looking to give one of your rooms a bit of an energy boost? Then, yellow would be the perfect color choice. Painting your walls yellow will give the room a brighter and more energetic feel, which can be perfect for spaces such as kitchens and laundry rooms where you want to make sure you’re feeling your best and on top of whatever you’re doing. Keep in mind, yellow does come in a wide range of shades, and so finding the best one to help give you that feeling that you’re looking for will be the priority. However, with yellow, every shade will certainly add a little happiness to any space.


Another color option that’s become incredibly popular in recent years is blue. Blues are able to give a room a sense of tranquility and calm, helping the people in the space to feel relaxed and more grounded. This makes it the perfect color choice for rooms in more laid back areas, such as living rooms, where you want everyone around you to feel comfortable and at ease.

Choosing the perfect color for the walls in each one of your rooms can seem like a difficult challenge. But, if you sit down and think about the kind of climate you want to create in every space, finding that perfect fit can be easier than you ever imagined. Keep these tips in mind and find the right colors that speak to who you are as a homeowner and the vibe that you want to build today.

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