What Color Should I Paint My Master Suite?

Master Suite Painting

The master bedroom is certainly the one room in the home where everything should be unified, from the color of the paint to the furniture. Too often, the master bedroom is neglected while every effort is put into decorating the more public rooms of the home so that visitors are impressed. This often leads to master bedrooms that are a poor mix of color schemes and ideas, which leads to a dreary or even chaotic atmosphere. This is the last thing that any couple wants to experience when they enter the master suite!

Treat Your Personal Space with Kindness

The fact is that the master suite is one of the most intimate rooms in the home, and it should be treated as such. This means that care needs to be taken when choosing a color scheme. Ask yourself these questions: What kind of atmosphere do I want to create? What moods do certain colors convey? How do I want to feel in my master bedroom when I walk in?

Choosing a Color Scheme That Is Right for You

Most master bedrooms are actually larger than the other bedrooms in a typical home. This extra space actually creates many more options when it comes to choosing paint colors, as in general, the larger a room, is the more it can support bolder or darker colors.

If you are intending to paint other rooms of your home, including the master bedroom, it is important that color choices flow from one room to another and speak to one another. This means that adjacent rooms that feature clashing colors can create an emotionally jarring effect and an atmosphere that is unpleasant. This will inform choices when it comes to choosing a color scheme for the master bedroom, of course.

When choosing a color for the master suite, the field is very wide open, but it is important to remember that colors can be divided into warm and cool tones. Those colors that have more blue in them are naturally cooler, while those colors with more red in them are warmer. This means that one can have a cool green or a warm green, for example.

Do you want your master bedroom to be a serene retreat from the worries of the day? If so, why not choose a cool-toned set of colors, such as blues or greens? One can even choose mostly neutral tones, such as stone or off-white, and then paint in some feature walls or areas in bolder or darker colors. Just remember to use colors that complement and speak to one another. Too many contrasting colors in the master bedroom can cause a jarring effect, just as too many dominating reds can create too much visual stimulation.

A Personal Choice for an Intimate Space

When choosing a color palette for the master bedroom, it is largely a matter of personal choice. By all means, use your favorite color, but always keep in mind what sort of atmosphere you want to create. Also remember that all colors are either cool toned or warm toned.

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