Exterior Color Trends for 2019

Exterior Color Trends for 2019

One of the most effective ways to renovate your home is to paint it inside and out. Though many people have lots of ideas for color palettes for the interior of the home, not too many people know what colors to paint on the outside. One way to overcome this challenge is to look at the hottest color trends.

  1. Dark Colors Are Hot Right Now

One of the best things about using dark paint colors is that there are so many of them that go well together. It used to be that we stayed away from using too many dark colors unless they were accents, but dark colors have become really popular lately for exterior paint jobs.

Of course, when some people think of dark colors, they immediately think only of black, but there are so many more colors in this range that are more flexible. Why not use a nice deep charcoal color for the exterior of your home? If you want to really draw attention, burgundy has also become a popular choice.

  1. Accent it with Black

The best way to catch the eye is to use high contrast colors and in this sense, black is the King of high contrast. Though many homeowners are using black as feature walls inside the home, it might be too much to use black in this way on the exterior of the home.

The best way to use black to its strength is as an accent color. Black is great for outlining areas and drawing attention to other colors. It can be used as an accent on trim, on balconies, on doors, and even on window frames. Used well, black can make a home really “pop” with personality and draw the eye in a very pleasing way. Black is contemporary and it’s bold.

  1. It’s All Gray

One of the best things about using gray is that it’s so neutral that it can easily be paired with a host of other darker colors. There are also many shades of gray so it can be darkened or lightened according to the rest of the color scheme.

Unlike black, gray can easily be used as the main color for the exterior. One of the more contemporary looks is all about lighter and darker shades of gray playing off against one another to create a visual feast for the eyes.

  1. Dark and Rustic

It’s not all about black, burgundy, and gray. Darker colors can be used to create effect when combined with more classic and rustic looks.

If you want to avoid too much black and gray in your exterior color scheme, it might be worth considering turning to a rustic wood look. Using darker browns sticks to the current color trend for darker hues, but combining it with natural woods can really lift the home.

Do it Your Own Way

Dark colors are all the rage right now and it’s a great way to really express yourself. These colors have often been sidelined in favor of lighter and brighter colors, but they have made a big comeback for 2019.

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