How Can I Clean up Paint That Fell on My Carpet?

How Can I Clean up Paint That Fell on My Carpet?

When you’re painting, you get so in the zone of your project that you might not even realize you’ve been sloshing paint around left and right. What’s worse is that you ended up getting on your carpet, of all surfaces. But before you start hyperventilating and go into a full-blown panic attack, rest assured that there are ways to clean this up.

The type of paint that you are using should be one of the first things you take into consideration. Water-based paint, latex-based paint, and oil-based paint all have different components to them; thus, there are different ways to go about removing them.

Water-Based Paint Stains

For water-based paint carpet stains, you are going to want to start by blotting the areas that have been affected with a wet paper towel. Keep in mind that you should only be lightly pressing the paper towel into the stain and not scrubbing. This will also only work for paint that is still wet.

For water-based paint that has already dried, the best way to remove it is by mixing up a solution of hot water and dish soap. Apply the solution on to the dried paint spot and let it sit for a few minutes. If you have let it sit long enough, the paint should be soft enough that you can start scraping it off with a sharp tool like a knife or a pair of scissors. You can continue to add more of the solution to the stain to help with the removal process. You can also hold a handheld steamer up to the stain while trying to remove it to help it lift a little bit more easily.

Latex-Based Paint Stains

Again, if your paint is still wet, you can try and blot it out using a paper towel. As with the other types of paint, this should always be your first solution. Make sure that you are only blotting the surface as you don’t want to keep pushing the paint in any further.

For latex paint stains, you are also going to create a solution of water and dish detergent. Only this time, you can use lukewarm water. Start working on the stain by working from the outside in. Leave the area to dry entirely before you vacuum over it.

Oil-Based Paint Stains

Oil-based stains are going to need steam in order to start softening up the paint. After this is done, use a needle or a thumbtack to try to lift up the paint that’s there. You should eventually be able to get it all out; it’ll just take a bit of patience.

In Conclusion

Getting paint stains out of your carpet is no easy feat but it can be done. Just take note of the type of paint you’re using before you get started. If the carpet stain is still not budging, you may have to resort to contacting a professional carpet cleaning service.

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