How Long Should You Wait Before Repainting Your Home’s Exterior?

How Long Should You Wait Before Repainting Your Home’s Exterior?

When you paint your home, you have an expectation of how long your paint job should last before you need to paint it again. Some of these expectations are accurate while others are hopeful.

Many people ask how long should you wait before repainting your home’s exterior? And what are the reasons why people decide to repaint their homes? See the answers below to help you know if it is indeed time to repaint.

Why it Varies

Of course, there is no set answer that fits every person. There are many factors involved in this decision to repaint. You may have to repaint your home sooner due to the quality of the paint that was used, the weather conditions in your area, or the quality of the work completed. If any of these are concerns, it may be time to paint your home sooner rather than later.

Also, some surfaces average different lengths of time that they need before repainting. So examine whether you are painting stucco, wood surfaces, or siding and the average time before painting again. There are several telltale signs that will help you know that it is time to repaint.

All of these elements go into making the decision to repaint. An average amount of time before repainting is four to six years. That may differ by several years according to the factors involved.

Prepare your budget and seek several quotes. Seek a professional painter to give you an in-home estimate.

Why Do People Decide to Repaint?

There are several reasons why an owner decides to repaint. Many times, there is obvious discoloration or fading. This may be due to sunlight, weathering, or the quality of the paint used before. The public views the building as old or in disarray because of the painting.

Other times, there are obvious cracks in the paint or the caulk that make it necessary. The damage could increase if the painting is not done. Some also point out that stucco crumbles and water can damage, both events that can cause the price to go up because of repairs. It is always better to repaint as soon as possible when you start noticing the damage.

Many times, there are water damage or stains that distract from the attractiveness of your property. Sometimes this decision is made because of aesthetic reasons, others to preserve the value of your property. These spots, stains, and damage require special attention.

You are sick of the color. It’s okay to paint just because you are not happy with the color! Trends change and sometimes what was a solid trendy choice before becomes old and dated.

You are selling your home. Nothing says “I feel at home” as a fresh coat of paint does. It is a good idea to paint your home a neutral color that matches most furniture options.

You just want to repaint! In other words, you don’t need any good reason to repaint. That’s fine as well. Enjoy your repainting adventure!

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