Tips for Painting Windows

Tips for Painting Windows

Painting your windows is a great way to brighten up your home. In addition, when they become dingy or need to be touched up, you may want to paint them to freshen them up. Besides looking great, paint protects the wood trim on your windows. Whatever your reason for painting your windows may be, it is important to make sure that it looks nice without getting paint all over the glass.

Clean the Windows and the Wood Trim

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to paint a dirty surface. You may not be painting the glass of the window but you are painting the trim where it connects to the glass. Your paint job will be much nicer and will last longer if the surfaces are clean. The trim should seal with the glass and it should be clean and free of debris before you paint.

Remove the Hardware

You should remove any hardware before you paint the window. It is very hard to paint around the hardware without leaving a trace of paint behind and you will find it much easier to paint when you don’t have to worry about making a mistake. Put the hardware in a special box or container so that you have it when it is time to put it back on the window. If you are worried that you will forget how it goes, you can take a few pictures as you remove it.

Sand the Wood

You need to carefully sand the wood trim before you paint. Whether it has been painted before or it is unpainted, this will help to even and smooth out the surface. This is an important step and will make a big difference in how your final paint job looks.

Try to Start in the Morning

When you are painting the window, you may need to open it to reach certain spots. Depending on what type of window you have, you may need to paint one part of it and then wait for it to dry before painting the other part. It is best to start in the morning so that you can finish the job in one day and close your windows in the evening.

Tape the Window Next to the Wood

Take the time to use painter’s tape to tape the window alongside the trim. Even if you are meticulous, you could get some paint on the window, which leads to your having to remove it. If you use the tape, you will simply remove it when you are finished. Make sure to take your time and line the tape up evenly with the wood. You should use tape that is wide enough to protect the window.

Use an Angled Brush

Painting the trim on a window is delicate work and an angled brush will be the easiest. You will find it easier to control a narrow brush and the angled nature makes it easier to get into the corners and the nooks and crannies.

Do Not Paint Tracks

It may be tempting to paint that exposed wood on the tracks but they should not be painted because it may prevent them from doing their job. The easiest way to protect them is to use your painter’s tape to cover them.

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