How to Upgrade Your Interior Window Trim

How to Upgrade Your Interior Window Trim

You want your home to represent something about yourself. For this reason, homes are often in a constant state of flux. You may want to change out certain features and try to accommodate a new design style. It can be very satisfying to see a beautiful idea come together before your eyes.

One way that you can add beauty to your home is to upgrade your interior trim. Trim really pops out visually and adds to the look of windows or doorways. Simply changing out the style of trim can completely alter the way a room looks. If you’ve grown tired of your old trim, upgrading to something new is the perfect way to spice things up.

Luckily, you don’t have to be incredibly experienced to start working with trim. If you’re a home design enthusiast with only novice skills, it’s still possible to learn how to upgrade your interior window trim. Take a look at some aspects that you should know before going into this sort of project.

Watch Out for Gaps between the Trim and the Wall

One problem you will have to contend with oftentimes is a gap between the trim and the wall. Your wall may have a slight dip but this isn’t uncommon at all. Some people choose to fill these gaps with caulk but a more effective method is to use wood filler strips. This makes it simpler for when the time comes to paint.

Make Sure the Jambs Are Flush with the Wall

Before going any further, you need to make sure that the jambs are flush with the wall. To do this, you need to hold a straightedge across the window and examine it visually. If something is off, you will need to plane down the jambs to the wall. This may sound as if it is an intimidating step but just take things slow until you have the jambs flush like you need them to be.

Take Careful Measurements

Before going through with cutting any of your trim or attempting to install the stool for your window, you should take careful measurements. Getting your measurements right is the most important facet of succeeding in this project. Measure several times so that you only have to cut once. Simply taking your time and being thorough with the measurements will cut down on small errors and make the experience much more pleasant.

Cutting the stool for your window will be one of the areas where you want to be most careful. After this, you can proceed to install side casing and head casing and then add corner blocks. The apron will go on last. It’s recommended to wait to cut the apron until the other areas are installed. This way, you can make sure to measure and cut it so that it will fit flush very easily.

Finish and Cleanup

Once you’ve installed the trim, you can stand back and admire your handiwork. It isn’t an incredibly difficult job but it is very satisfying. Taking your time and being careful with your measurements is the most important thing to remember. Be careful not to leave gaps between the trim and the wall, either. If you’ve followed these few tips, you should have a smooth experience.

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