What Is the Best Paint Sheen for the Living Room?

What Is the Best Paint Sheen for the Living Room?

When you paint your living room, you need to decide on more than simply the color. It is important to decide which sheen is best as well. The sheen is also called the finish, and it can range from matte to high gloss and everything in between. The finish will determine how the room looks and how well the walls hold up to traffic. 

What Is Paint Sheen?

There are typically five different types of paint sheen, ranging from flat to high gloss. The sheen will determine whether the paint absorbs light or reflects it, and the higher the sheen, the more light that is reflected. This gives it a shiny look. They also differ in terms of how easy they are to clean. You need to consider these factors when selecting a sheen.

Flat Paint Sheen

Flat paint sheen is also called a matte finish. It has the lowest amount of shine because it absorbs light. This paint can cover up flaws because it goes on the wall smoother in spite of these imperfections. It is often used for ceilings and accent walls. This paint is the hardest to clean, so it is not a great choice for rooms that get a lot of use.

Eggshell Sheen

This finish gets its names from actual eggshells. Its sheen is the equivalent of that of an eggshell with a flat color and a little bit of sheen. This finish reflects only a small amount of light. This type of paint can be cleaned with a wet towel, and it does a better job of resisting staining. It has just enough shine to make the room stand out. This finish works well in rooms with higher traffic because it is more durable. 

Satin Sheen

The satin finish is the next step toward shiny paint, and it is brighter than the eggshell, but it falls short of the semi-gloss. It is even more durable than eggshell, and it is also easier to clean. This finish is used often on door trim, window trim, and in hallways. It is also durable enough to be used outdoors.

Semi-Gloss Sheen

This finish looks shiny and is very durable. It holds up well to cleaning, and you can wipe it down with warm water. This finish is also good when you have a room with a lot of moisture because it will hold up and protect the walls. 

High Gloss

This is the finish with the highest sheen, and it is the easiest to clean and the most durable of all of them. It is often used for kitchen cabinets, trim, and doors because they get a lot of action and need to be cleaned frequently. 

The downside is that this finish will show off any flaws. It works well in the kitchen or bathrooms, but it is not suited for regular rooms because it will draw attention to every single imperfection. 

Which Sheen Is Best for the Living Room?

Of the five different sheens, the eggshell finish is best for the living room. It is flat enough to hide a lot of imperfections, but you are able to clean it. It has just the right amount of light reflection to allow the room to be light and airy, and it will hold up in this high traffic room.

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