2018 Home Exterior Color Trends

2018 Home Exterior Color Trends

If you are thinking of re-painting the exterior of your home, then you will want to consider your choices carefully. There are many interesting color choices that are available to you. In 2018, people are deciding to make really bold choices when it comes to their homes’ paint jobs. Regardless of whether you favor something classic or bold new ideas, there are many excellent color trends for you to consider.

Take a look at some of the most prevalent home exterior color trends in 2018. All of these looks are very eye-catching and have a certain charm to them. One of these ideas just might inspire you to make a decision about your own home.

Aqua, White, and Ivory

This color pattern is very aesthetically pleasing and is sure to be a winner if you decide to go with it. This is a generally light color palette but it is accented by some darker elements. The aqua color is popularly used for the door of the home and it really draws your eyes to the entrance. This is a pleasing combination and would look nice in any neighborhood.

Roasted Corn, Artisan, and Pure White

Visual designs such as this work very well for beach homes. If you live in a warmer climate and want to evoke a sense of summer fun, then this color combination is going to be worth considering. The roasted corn yellow color makes for a very lovely primary color on a home. Accenting it with the undeniable beauty of pure white and the artisan color on the door works superbly.

Light Blue, White, and Royal Purple

If you have a fondness for the ocean, then this combination of colors is likely to appeal to you greatly. Light blue is the primary color of this home and white is used expertly to add visual appeal to windows and railings. The royal purple adds so much beauty when used sparingly. Pairing this color scheme with violets in your garden is a canny choice.

Apple Red, Light Gray, and Beige

For those who want a deep red color as their primary choice, this combination will work nicely. Pairing the apple red with beige railings and windows really does go together very well. A light gray door fits in very nicely here. This is a bold color trend that might not appeal to everyone but will have a lot of charm for those who love red.

Clay with Chocolate Brown

One of the most interesting design choices on this list is certainly the clay and chocolate brown trend. Many people are acknowledging the beauty of a natural clay color for the exterior. Combining this with the chocolate brown really feels natural as they work together astoundingly well. This color trend has a very southwestern feel to it.

Pure White with Cherry Wood Accents

Classic pure white paint has been in style forever but people are beginning to enjoy pairing it with interesting accents. The biggest trend for 2018 so far has been pure white paired with cherry wood accents. It creates a bold look that is undeniably beautiful. The cherry wood really catches your eye and is going to stand out in a good way.

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