Increase Your Rental Property’s Curb Appeal with Fresh Paint

Increase Your Rental Property’s Curb Appeal with Fresh Paint

Do you want to attract better tenants to your rental property? One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep the yard well maintained and add a fresh coat of paint. Painting a rental property can transform its look so that the home or apartment you are renting looks more upscale or inviting.

Maximizing Your Rental Rate

Actually, there are several ways to maximize your rental rate on a rental. Besides adding a coat of paint and hiring a landscaper, you can also make a property feel more welcoming by replacing the front door. You can also add coat of paint to the door instead of replacing it.

Where to Concentrate

Because painting the exterior and interior of a home is low-cost, it is the ideal solution for making a rental look cleaner and therefore more rentable. Besides the exterior, outside doors, trim, and garage, you want to invest your money in painting the bathroom, hall, and kitchen. Painting can indeed make a big difference in how your rental property is perceived.

Making Color Selections

If your rental is located in an older community that is not governed by homeowner association bylaws, you can choose from one of various paint colors for the exterior. However, it is still better to remain neutral in your choices. Just because you are partial to certain colors does not mean that potential tenants will feel the same way about the hues.

If you are painting the house to save money, the other parts of the home will presumably stay the same. These areas or surfaces include the tiles, stonework, roof, pathways, or driveway. Therefore, when choosing exterior colors, you will have to factor in these elements.

Tie Everything Together

Look at the undertones of the roofing and stonework. Are they warm or cool? Warmer colors are denoted by such hues as beige, brown, rust, or khaki. Cool tones and shades are defined by black, blue, or gray. The paint colors should tie the elements together that are already in place.

What Is the Architectural Design?

You also have to consider your rental’s architectural style and age. Maybe you own a Victorian-style house. Perhaps the rental is a ranch style. In either of these cases, the exterior paint you select should coordinate well with the architectural design.

Envision a federal-style building painted in a burst sienna. That color definitely would not be an improvement. That is why a neutral approach always works and always attracts the right renters. You have to think about the visual effect that you are conveying.

Consider the Surroundings

Look at what surrounds the rental and its distance from the street. For instance, does the house or building stand back from the roadway? Does it sit in the shade of tall trees? If so, you may want to select a slightly brighter or lighter color so people can more easily see the property. A darker color may obscure the house or building from view.

Review Sample Palettes

When making the color selection, choose from three or more shades. That is because an exterior paint scheme is made up of three primary parts: a field or dominating color; an accent color that enlivens the shutters, doors, and similar parts; and a trim color used for the eaves, railings, and door and window casings. If you are not sure what to choose, review the color palette samples that are featured by most major paint manufacturers online.

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