7 Questions To Ask A Professional Paint Contractor

Painting Questions

The way your home looks conveys a lot about the kind of person that you are- and most homeowners want to leave a good impression. One way to make an impression is to upkeep your home by repainting it. A good paint job can to shield your home from damages and protect and preserve wood and other materials. To make sure you do a good job with your paint job, it is essential that you find a professional, experienced and trustworthy paint contractor to guide you through the process. To help you get started here are 7 questions to ask a professional paint contractor:

What previous experience do you have and How long have you been a paint contractor?

Before letting a person paint your home, you should know more about their skills and practical abilities. Ask them this question so that you can learn more about their previous work experiences and determine whether or not you think they are qualified to be your contractor.

Do you offer a warranty and insurance?

Though a paint job may seem like a simple home improvement project , there are several things that could go wrong. In case of any damage to property, having an insured paint contractor will mean that potential damages will be addressed without extra expenditure on your part. In addition, you should ask for a signed warranty for the paint job and the ways in which the warranty will be fulfilled (in case of damages) should be clear.

How much will the paint job cost?

Always keep in mind that a higher or lower price does not guarantee a good or bad job. A contractor may not specify an exact cost, but they should provide you with a decent estimate. But, be flexible with your budget as prices and preference can change and affect the overall cost. In any case, make sure that the contractor informs you about all costs, including equipment, labor wages, etc. to ensure you are always in the loop.

Are there any prior preparations required?

Preparation is an integral part of the painting process. Holes, mildew and damaged spots in walls must be repaired before you start paint. All surfaces must be scraped and/or sandpapered to remove as much of the old paint as possible before re-painting. So make sure you are well aware of the required preparation work before the actual painting process begins.

How long will the paint job take and What is the expected number of people working on the project?

Before you start painting, you should request an estimate of how many days the process will take. Though there might be changes (particularity due to weather conditions with exterior painting) or the availability of workers (which you should be aware of), an estimate will keep you prepared. During the process, there will be workers going in and out of your home which will affect your privacy. So, inquire about the number of workers to ensure you let the right people inside your home.

What grade or company of paint will be used: its advantages and disadvantages?

Inquire about the paint your contractor intends on using. This way you can opt for paint that will not peel off after just a few months. Additionally, you should know the brand of paint that’s going to be used- its advantages, drawbacks and the chemicals in it. This way you can make sure that your house gets the type of paint job you want without any harmful chemicals making their way into your life.

How do you plan to dispose of the waste?

After the job is completed, there will be excess paint and used equipment. Do you need to deal with it or will your contractor manage the waste? You will want to know how the painters plan on disposing of the waste. Make sure they don’t leave a mess for you to deal with!

Before you hire a professional contractor to repaint your house make sure you do your homework. These tips will help you make an informed decision and enjoy the paint job!

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