6 Wall Colors That Will Provide A Positive Feeling

Paint Positive

Research has significantly proven that colors can affect your mood and decision making abilities as consumers. So, brands invest a lot in determining their brand colors. So why not extend this thought and consideration to your home? There is evidence that colors of walls affect the mood of an individual (with some colors even being used for therapy!).  

The first thing you will probably notice in a room is its color. Even if you do not consciously make note of it, it is likely that it will affect your mood immediately. Have you ever entered a room and suddenly felt gloomy? It could be because it was painted a dry shade of grey. Or have you entered a room that made you kind of chirpy? It is possible that the room was painted a hue of yellow or red.

Long story short, colors do affect us in different ways. So, if you want to bring a similar positive vibe to your home, consider this list of 6 wall colors that will provide a positive feeling.


Vincent Van Gogh thought that yellow represented the sun and rightfully so. Yellow symbolizes energy and expresses the sun’s brightness and heat. Painting your wall yellow can add warmth and light to a room. This combination of warmth and energy makes most people feel cheerful and can instantly boost your mood. Additionally, yellow stimulates thought and can harbor creativity and confidence within its space. But, sometimes, yellow can make people feel somewhat anxious and restless. Look at the color and see how you feel!


Red is symbolic, but not only of, love. It gives off a vibrant and strong feeling and it is often associated with feelings of bravery and passion. Based on what people have to say, red gives them a feeling of confidence, power and excitement. Having a shade of red can be a real mood booster that is dynamic and provoking.  


Green is the one of the most abundant color on earth and it signifies life. Nature is filled with beautiful shades of green. So, painting your walls green can extend a sense of natural and organic surrounding. Plus, green can really keep you focused. And like most colors, it can make you feel sensuous or alive, according to its shades. But, above all, green harmonises your space and creates a calm mood.


Blue is a color that is associated with serenity and is soothing. Blue can be used on walls to create peaceful and tranquil mood that helps you relax after a tiring day. Along with its soothing properties the color blue also has a powerful and positive effect – so much so that it has even been used to possibly prevent suicides in countries like Japan.


Orange is not the most conventional color choice. But today, orange regarded as an inviting, friendly, and intense color. Like red and yellow, it is a vibrant color which can make you feel energetic and happy, but, it is not considered an aggressive choice. Orange is also a fun color that adds life to your rooms.


Purple is often associated with all things regal and it is as sophisticated as it is mysterious. Rooms painted purple can stimulate your mind to think outside the box. Along with fostering contemplation it can also trigger emotions that are regal and majestic.

Yes colors can affect your mood in both bad and good ways. So, understanding the effects of colors can help you create a space that fosters a positive sense of being.

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