Add an Accent Wall to Your Living Room

Add an Accent Wall to Your Living Room

Your living room is, without question, one of, it not the single most important, rooms in your entire home. At its best, home décor is a mixture of form and function, openness and intimacy, and no room blends all of these ideas together more perfectly and completely than your living room does. A well-decorated living room should feel as though it’s at once your own special space and yet entirely familiar and welcoming to any guests you might have over. It should speak to the trends of the day while feeling utterly timeless. As the centerpiece of your home’s downstairs décor, the place in which you’ll be doing much of your entertaining, and the area in which you and your family will spend much of your time, it should look eye catching while remaining comfortable.

There are many ways to achieve this with various painting tips, tricks, and techniques. One of the best ways to add a bit more character to your living room is to add an accent wall to the space.

So, what might that look like, and how can you get started doing just that?

Why Accent Your Walls?

First, it’s worth answering the question – why accent your walls in the first place? What is it about an accented wall that makes it pop? The answer here lies in the fact that accenting a wall can help make it more eye catching as a result of complementary colors. We’ll talk more about which ones to use in a moment, but for now, it’s enough to say that adding accented complementary colors to your standard wall coloring scheme can help emphasize the color in both. If you are looking to add a touch of class to your walls, accenting them can be just the thing.

Complementary Colors

Of course, not all complementary color schemes are created equal. Pairing colors which are completely at odds with one another is a quick way to introduce discord into your home décor scheme. Chances are you won’t be painting reds with greens or bright yellows and oranges side by side. In fact, painting two bright colors side by side is always a risky proposition. On the flip side, so is painting two darker or more muted colors. Opposites attract, but not ones that clash. As such, you’re going to want to use color combinations which feature one darker color and one lighter one while simultaneously making sure the colors don’t clash.

So, which color combos should you choose to accent your walls properly?

Blues and greens are always a great choice, and following that lighter/darker accenting combination guide can help you bring out the best results. For example, lighter blues and deeper greens can create a lovely, all-natural look to it. On the flip side, you can add that same darker/lighter accent scheme to blend coffee and cream to accent your doorways and walls in such a way as to make your home look amazing.

Adding accent walls such as these, can really help bring out the liveliness in your home décor.

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