What Are the Color Trends for Kitchens in 2017?

Color Trends For Kitchen

If you are a homeowner, you have probably thought more than once about redecorating your kitchen. Indeed, kitchens are one of the most popular rooms in every modern home. Typically, this is not only where food is cooked and prepared, but also where we meet to eat, relax, and socialize. Given how much time we tend to spend in the kitchen, it is perhaps more noticeable when the room become stale and a little dated in terms of color palette and design.

Discovering New Kitchen Trends

Most people lack contemporary inspiration when it comes to decorating their kitchens. This is no surprise, since most people work, have families, and lead otherwise very busy lives. But rather than simply paint your kitchen the same old colors that your parents did when you were a kid, why not grab a few interior design magazines and take a look at what is currently hot and trending? It might even be a good idea to browse Pinterest or some other websites for inspiration. Once you’ve dived into the world of kitchen design, you will find that you have plenty of inspiration to start your own project!

Kitchen Colors That Speak about You

Interior design in 2017 is really all about personality. When it comes to choosing a color palette for the kitchen, many experts and designers suggest that 2017 is going to be the year where one’s personality can shine through. This means that the old black and whites, chromes, and greys are out, and a suite of exciting new colors are in!

When choosing a kitchen color palette, the basic design philosophy is to be as personal as possible. Let your own creative spirit shine through in your color palette rather than hiding it behind bland and neutral colors that step back and recede. The following are just a few bold ideas that might spark inspiration and further discovery:

  • Be confident: The kitchen is too often a room that tends to fade into the background and allow for the white goods, benchtops, and appliances to take over. Design trends in 2017 point to a bolder and more self-confident use of color in the kitchen. Consider a captivating Moroccan red, lemon yellow, an earthy green, or a blue that is the color of a sky just after sunset. These are the bold colors that many people have avoided using in the kitchen for a long time, mostly because they can be overpowering if used in the wrong way. One way to use them is to highlight feature walls, but be aware that you should also use clean whites to offset their power. For an even spicier look, try setting furniture against the bold feature wall that contrasts with it and catches the eye.
  • Comfortable colors: If you are unsure about the bolder colors, but still want to take a bit of a risk, why not look at pastel pinks or powder blues? A dusted yellow, when combined with the right light-colored furniture can also make a room look super sophisticated. The trick is not to overdo the colors by ensuring that you ground them properly with the right furniture.

If you want to redecorate but you are a little stuck on the color scheme, why not check out some design magazines, or look on some popular blogs or websites? You are sure to find something that you like!

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