Does Staining Wood Protect from Damage?

Does Staining Wood Protect from Damage?

Having wood floors, fences, and siding is a very common and stylish accent to many homes and yards. While a lot of people enjoy the look of natural wood, selecting a stain provides a way to enhance its appearance while also offering protection from the elements and other factors that can damage it along the way. How exactly does a stain protect your wood from damage? There are multiple ways this happens, and you are about to learn the most common.


Wood floors are beautiful and durable. They come in many different varieties as well as finishes. The way you apply these finishes is usually through using a stain. After selecting your preferred shade, you are left with the flooring that best compliments your room as well as a way to ensure the wood is protected from any scratching or scuffing.

When you leave wood flooring untreated, this is similar to having a phone without a phone case. From animal paws to furniture legs, you never know what might be enough to scratch the surface. Since wood is usually durable and difficult to install, there is no easy fix when it comes to getting these marks out. It is a natural material that can become damaged over time. When you use a stain, this adds an additional layer of protection.


The wood outside of your home is likely going to be your siding or your fence. Both of these features make statements and can do a lot to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Since these are outdoors, you should definitely consider a stain, even if it is clear. The elements can do a lot of damage to this wood, and this can even lead to rotting or mildew. With this comes the risk of bug infestations, as well.

Aside from these harsher elements, you also need to keep in mind that wood outdoors is going to experience a lot of wear and tear. The overall look of your siding and fence is going to fade and become discolored if left untreated. Another benefit is the option of changing the style depending on the color of the stain you select.


No matter if you are choosing to stain your hardwood floor or your picket fence, a universal benefit of using a stain is the protective element that comes with it. You also have endless options when it comes to color, or you can even opt for a clear coat to simply give the wood a little extra gloss. This creates a barrier between anything that can hinder it and the wood itself.

Owning a home comes with many expenses to take care of, and eliminating the need to constantly replace your wood flooring or fence and siding is going to significantly alleviate this financial burden. Wood stain does protect from damage, and it allows you to maintain the appearance you like for your home rather than needing to replace it every other year.

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