Five Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Professional Paint Job

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So, you’ve decided to make life easier and hire painting contractors to paint your home. However, that does not mean that you get to sit back while the painters do all the work. You still need to prep your home before the professionals get there.

The right preparation can help protect your possessions during painting. It will also make the job of the contractors easier (which is particularly important if they are charging you by the hour). Here is what you should do if you hire professional contractors to paint your home.

1. Clear the Walls

If you hire painting contractors to paint your interiors, they won’t exactly be able to work if you still have all your precious family photos, mirrors, and other hangings up on the wall. Clear your walls of any decoration before the painters come by.

You should also put away any drapes or curtains that obstruct the walls.

2. Put Away Precious Items

Think about the other objects that you have in a room that could be damaged during painting. Do you have your computer in the room? Any sentimental souvenirs on your shelves?

Painters do their best to protect your possessions with drop cloths, but accidents still happen. Removing as many items as possible from a room that will be painted minimizes the chances of property damage.

3. Rearrange the Furniture

Some bulkier items, such as couches or shelves, are impractical to remove from a room completely. However, they can still block the painters from doing their job properly. 

If you cannot remove larger furniture from a room, try to move it away from the walls and toward the center of the room. This gives the workers room to maneuver as they go and paint your walls. It also makes it easier to cover your furniture with drop cloths and decreases the likelihood of stains.

4. Clean the Walls

Sometimes, the contractors you hire will include preparing the surface in their services or offer it as an optional add-on. However, cleaning and prepping the walls is usually your responsibility. Dust or grime on your walls can show through a fresh coat of paint and affect the surface.

Use a broom or vacuum to dust the walls and ceilings. Then, use water and detergent to gently wipe down your walls. Even if they don’t look dirty to the naked eye, they could still have grime that will affect the paint.

5. Give the Professionals Space to Work

Before the contractors show up, make a plan for how you will keep yourself and any pets or children out of their way. Small children running around the area increase the likelihood of a spill. Paint fumes can also be dangerous for kids or pets.

Try to stay out of the room where the contractors are working so they can do their job in peace. If they are painting several areas, consider staying with friends or going away on vacation while they are working.

A few steps of preparation can make your painting experience as smooth as possible.

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