Four Paint Tips for Creating a Cozy Family Room

Four Paint Tips for Creating a Cozy Family Room

If you want to make your home cozier, you can do so with paint. The right selection of paint in a family room can make all the difference in the world. That is why you need to view a sample of the paint both in the daylight and at night. Doing so will make your home a more inviting place and ensure that the paint you finally pick is just the right hue and shade.

Even if your family room is small, you do not want to lose the effect that the right shade of paint can give. Once of the best ways to succeed at this task is to take an audit of your furnishings, including any built-in shelving. After all, painting shelving and trims can make a difference as well.

  1. Apply Wall Color Several Inches from the Ceiling

If your family room is large, it is best to apply paint color so it falls several inches away from the ceiling. This two-toned effect will convey a cozy feeling overall. Whether a room is large or small, this will give the room a warm feel.

  1. Paint the Wall a Rustic Color

What do you think of when you want to paint a room in a cozy color? That is a question you need to ask yourself before you choose a colorful hue. You probably think of a rustic tone when you want to warm the looks of a room. You may also think of some brown overtones as well. While you do not have to paint the whole room these shades, you can color one of the walls and add a tan or more neutral beige color to the other walls to offset the look. Keep the focus on warm and cozy shades and you will be able to choose a great color scheme.

  1. Paint Built-in Shelves a Warmer Color than the Walls

If you want to enliven the living space and make it feel happy and warm, paint any built-in shelves a shade darker than the walls. Conversely, you might think of painting them a rustic hue to match a wall on the opposite side of the room. You will love adding books to your shelves when you give them an application of color that makes you think of your family room as more warm and inviting.

  1. Consider the Natural Light Streaming into the Room

If you have large windows in your family room, make sure the paint looks great in the light of day. It should also provide the same impression at night. A dark living space can feel depressing and even small, even if it is large. A family room that feels cozy does not have to feel small. The idea is to make the space welcoming to all. That is why you need to assess how the room looks in the light of day as well as in artificial light at night.

Any of the above tips can help you make a paint color decision. Remember – place the emphasis on warm and inviting colors and you will be able to make an easier choice.

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