Helpful Tips for Finding the Perfect Paint for Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Helpful Tips for Finding the Perfect Paint for Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Have you recently purchased new kitchen cabinets? If so, you’ve found the perfect way to revamp your entire kitchen. Cabinets are the focal point of most kitchens, so you want to make sure that they look stunning. A lot of people choose to purchase plain wood cabinets so they can decide later on what color they want them to be. Unfortunately, sometimes it can take quite a bit of time to choose the perfect paint color for your cabinets. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a few moments to learn some helpful tips for picking out the perfect paint for your brand new cabinets.

Consider the Style

One of the easiest ways to pick out the right paint is by looking at the style of the cabinets. If you have traditional-looking cabinets, then you don’t want to go with an off-the-wall color. You will want to choose something more classic, like a shade of cream or white. If your kitchen is more modern, then feel free to play with the entire color palette.

Choose the Right Type of Paint

One of the smartest things you can do when painting your kitchen cabinets is stay away from the paint that you would put on your walls. Everyday wall paint tends to chip over time, and cleaning your cabinets will wear away at the paint. It’s best to go with an alkyd enamel paint, which will last much longer and leave your cabinets with a nice, smooth finish.

The Size of Your Kitchen

You should also keep the size of your kitchen in mind when picking out kitchen cabinets. If you have a small kitchen, you will want to stay away from dark colors, since they have a way of making a room appear smaller. Instead, use light colors to make your kitchen seem more open.

Be Bold

If you have a modern kitchen, you have room to play around with colors. Perhaps you could try using different colors of cabinets in your kitchen. Not only does it look fun and playful, but it also shows off your sense of style, as well. Just remember not to have too much fun, as a lot of contrasting colors can be a bit overwhelming.

Quality Is Key

If you’re in the process of making over your home, you understand that there are certain areas where you can afford to spend less money. The paint for your kitchen cabinets is not one of those things. Using poor quality paint will definitely show when you’re finished, so make sure you don’t penny pinch when it comes to the paint.

Having brand new kitchen cabinets is exciting, especially when you’ve been looking at the same cabinets for years. New cabinets have the ability to completely change a space for the better, but only when they are done right. As long as you follow these tips and hire a professional if you’re not the greatest painter, your cabinets are sure to look incredible when you’re done!

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