How to Create a Fabric Finish with Paint

How to Create a Fabric Finish with Paint

When you are painting a room, you can do many different things to enhance the decor. One thing you can do is create a fabric finish to add texture to the room. In any room, the color, the pattern, and the texture are what create the look. Creating a fabric finish with paint makes the room unique. You can accomplish this by using a technique called strie or dragging. You simply pull a paintbrush through a wet tinted glaze. Follow these steps to create this effect. 

Prepare the Room

Before you can paint the room, you need to prepare it. You can remove everything from the room, or you can place the furniture in the center of the room. At a minimum, make sure that you pull everything away from the walls. Then, cover any items and the floor with a drop cloth so that paint doesn’t get on it. You should also tape the trim and the corners.

Paint the Base Coat

The next step is to paint the base coat. You should use a roller and then allow it to dry. 

Mix the Glaze

Once the walls are dry, you can mix the glaze. Some brands will be four parts glaze to one part of your base, while others recommend equal parts of glaze and base. You can also split the walls into sections because this type of paint dries quickly. You can’t create the fabric effect if the mixture dries. 

Roll the Glaze Onto the Wall

Now you can roll the glaze onto the wall. If you are doing smaller sections, start with one side of the room and work your way around. Roll the glaze onto the first section.

Use the Wallpaper Brush to Create the Fabric Finish

Now you can use a wallpaper smoothing brush to create the fabric finish. You can also use a thick paintbrush. Make sure that you start at the top of the section where you are working, and take the brush from the top to the bottom to reveal the base underneath. You need to make sure that the brush moves continuously. Once you finish this section, let it dry.

Then, you will take the wallpaper brush and run it across the wall from one side to the other. This is the final touch on the fabric finish. 

Clean up

Once you have completed all of the walls in the room, you need to clean up. You should wash your brushes and rollers and remove the drop cloth and the tape. You can vacuum and put your furniture and other items back. Just be sure to let the entire room dry before you move the furniture or take up the drop cloth and tape. 

Final Words

Creating a fabric finish can add personality to a room and give it a unique look. As long as you take your time and work in sections, it isn’t too difficult to accomplish. Be sure to give yourself enough time because you will need to let the walls dry between each step.

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