Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Repaint Your Basement

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Repaint Your Basement

The basement is a room that can give your family much needed extra space. You can use it for storage, or you might create a family room or a bedroom down there. When people turn the basement into living space, they often start by repainting it. However, there are certain mistakes that you will want to avoid. Take a look at five common mistakes to avoid when repainting your basement. 

  1. Make Sure That You Prep Your Walls

If you want to make sure that your basement walls look great when you finish, it is important to prep the walls. The paint needs a surface that is clean or it won’t adhere to it. Start by cleaning off any dirt or dust that may have built up over the years. You should also remove any paint that has peeled or blistered. You can’t just paint over it or the new paint won’t adhere. 

Wait for the wall to be completely dry after cleaning it, and seal any concrete block walls with a sealer. You can also get block primer to fill in pores and make the surface even. 

  1. Protect Against Water Issues

You can do all of the preparation in the world, but if you have a problem with drainage or any flooding, it is likely to ruin your paint job. You need to make sure that your basement has proper drainage, which could include investing in a sump pump if needed. This will ensure that you can use the basement without any fear of water seeping in and harming the room. 

  1. Invest in Good Paint

Sometimes people think that because it is the basement, they can save some money and buy inexpensive paint. The problem is that this type of paint won’t do a great job. What you save now, you will spend later because you will have to repaint the room sooner. When you use a low quality paint, it might chip or peel off the wall, and it will likely take more coats to look the way you want it to look. 

  1. Plan Effectively

Another mistake that people make is not planning the painting project. They might not buy enough paint, or they could buy too much. You should determine how much paint you need and treat the basement just as you would any other room in your home. By doing a quality paint job, your basement will look great, and the paint job will last longer. 

  1. Cover Anything in the Room Before You Paint

Finally, make sure that you cover any items in the basement, and then put a drop cloth on the floor. If you spill the paint or drip it on parts of the basement, it won’t look as nice. You may have to work harder to remove the paint later. 

Final Words

When you paint your basement, take it seriously and treat it as you would any other room in the house. You can add living space to your home and create a great place where you can enjoy more of your home. 

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