How to Make a Small Room Look Larger with Paint?

How to Make a Small Room Look Larger with Paint?

There might be certain rooms in your home that are rather small. Perhaps you have a few small bedrooms that you’d like to make look larger. There are ways that you can do this by using particular painting techniques. Keep reading to learn how to make a small room look much bigger than it actually is. 

Using Contrasting Colors

Using contrasting colors can help to make the room appear larger. The basic idea behind using this technique is to paint the far wall using a dark color. The side walls will remain a light shade, and the contrast will make the room look as if it’s bigger. It gives the appearance of spaciousness even if the room is fairly small. 

You can do this using another idea that uses the same color-contrasting technique. Paint the walls a light color and then have some elements in the room utilize a dark contrasting color. For instance, you could have wall shelving that is a darker color. The rest of the space looks much lighter when you do this and it can make the room feel larger. 

How to Add Height to the Room

Adding height to the room can be done by painting it in an interesting way. This also involves using contrasting colors, but you’re going to focus on painting all of the walls dark this time. The walls in the room need to be painted using a darker color. Then you’ll paint the ceiling a light color. 

The floor also needs to be light in color for this optical trick to work. Since you’re not likely going to paint the floor, it’s important to choose a light hardwood flooring type or light-colored carpeting. The ceiling should be painted white or another appropriate light color. When done well, this can make the room feel a lot taller than it truly is. 

You can use another similar technique to make the room seem taller. Consider painting a border starting at one foot before you reach the ceiling. So if the ceiling is white, you’d paint the wall white starting at the point where the border begins. The other section of the wall would be painted using a darker color. 

Adding Depth to the Room

Paint can also help you to add depth to the room. You can do this by painting one wall on the far side of the room a light color. The other walls should be painted a dark color. Since darker colors absorb light, this will add depth to small rooms. 

The downside is that this creates a tunnel effect. Most people stick to using this idea to lengthen slanted walls. It can also be helpful for sectioning off staircases and other such spots. If you use these painting techniques effectively, you can make your home look a bit bigger even if you’re working with limited space. 

Of course, this won’t give you more room to work with. It’ll simply make the smaller rooms in your home feel bigger. Buying some paint and making minor changes will be simple enough. Whether you want the room to have added depth or if you’re looking to make it look taller, you can accomplish this by painting the room a specific way. 

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