What Is the Best Way to Paint Interior Doors?

What Is the Best Way to Paint Interior Doors?

It might be a good idea to paint the interior of the doors in your home. Sometimes the interior doors will become yellow or they simply won’t look sharp any longer. If you want your doors to look nice, a fresh coat of paint will make a difference, but you might not be sure how to best paint interior doors. Read on to learn how to get the job done reliably. 

Start by Choosing a Color

Before going further, you need to choose which color of paint you’re going to use. If the door has trim around it, you should consider painting the door the same color as the trim. You can also choose to pick a contrasting color depending on your sensibilities. Painting the door either white or gray will be a very safe choice that is worth consideration. 

Get the Painting Tools You Need

You’re going to need the right painting tools to get this job done. You’ll need a paintbrush, a tarp (or something else to protect the floor), wood filler, paint rollers, and a paint tray. The wood filler is only necessary if you’re trying to paint an old wooden door that has various nicks. You may also want to wear gloves to prevent paint from getting on your hands, but it isn’t a necessity. 

Start Preparing the Door

Start preparing the door to be painted. There are two ways you can go about doing this. You can paint the door while it’s hanging or you can remove it from the hinges and paint it that way. It’s likely easier to remove the door so you can approach it from different angles and ensure that the paint job is done well. Also, it’s best to remove the doorknob to avoid getting paint on it. 

If you wish to leave the doorknob and hinges in place, you should protect them with tape. Painter’s tape can be positioned around the doorknob and hinges. If you have a utility knife, use it to trace around the hinge so you won’t miss painting spots on the door. 

If your door is old, you might need to use wood filler to plug gaps or nicks in the door. Use wood filler and then sand the door to make things smooth. It might be beneficial to sand the door no matter what since it’ll make it easier to paint the door. Priming the door might also be necessary. 

You’ll need to prime the door if you’re working with an older door. If you have a newer pre-primed door, this won’t be necessary. If you’re using latex paint and the door was painted with latex paint in the past, it’s best to use primer now. When applying the primer, always start with the edges first. 

After your prep work is finished, you’ll be ready to do some actual painting. Don’t rush the preparations, though. 

The Best Way to Paint the Interior Door

The best way to paint the interior door is to start with the edges. You want to begin by painting the edges and then paint the panels. After the panels, you paint the vertical strips that go down the center. Next, you paint the horizontal rails and then end by painting the vertical strips on the sides of the door. 

Doing things this way will keep you from making mistakes. You can use either a brush or a paint roller when painting any of the sections. Sometimes it might feel more convenient to use a brush when you’re trying to get small portions of the door. Take things slow and try to be thorough. 

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