Should I Buy the Paint Myself Before Hiring a Painting Contractor?

Should I Buy the Paint Myself Before Hiring a Painting Contractor?

When you hire a painting contractor, you are paying a professional who has expertise in this field. Buying paint can be an overwhelming experience because there are a lot of different types of paint and shades. You need to know how much paint you need, and your contractor will have that information. Your contractor may include the paint as part of the contract price, or you might be able to pay less and supply the paint. Continue reading to learn whether you should buy the paint yourself or leave it to the contractor.

Benefits of Buying the Paint Yourself

If you buy the paint ahead of time, you can choose any color you like. As long as you know what kind of paint to buy and how much, you will be able to choose the colors for the rooms, the trim, the doors, the ceilings, and more. 

In addition, you will hold onto some control in the paint job. You might not be able to hire a painting contractor who insists on selecting the paint as part of his fee, but you will be able to control where you buy the paint, what paint you buy, and how much you spend on it. Some people prefer to simplify the process by understanding exactly where their money is going. 

The most important thing is to make sure that you know what kind of paint is ideal for your home. You need to find out how much you need, and you should make sure that you have a cool, dark place to store it. Then, when you interview painting contractors, be sure to let them know up front that you have your paint. 

Benefits to Letting the Painting Contractor Buy the Paint

One of the benefits of letting the contractor buy the paint is that they have a lot of experience, and it is easy for them to find exactly what you need. They are already familiar with quantities, finishes, and types of paint, and you can just tell them the color.

The quality of the paint will impact how long it lasts and how it looks when the job is done. A painting contractor will know which brands are the best and which ones are substandard. They also know the right finish for different rooms in the house, and they know what the color looks like when it is on the wall. 

Finally, painting contractors often have dealers they work with, and they might have access to better deals than you can get when you head to the paint store. You could end up spending less money for a higher quality paint if you hire a painting contractor with these connections. 

Final Words

Deciding whether to buy the paint before you hire a painting contractor is a big decision, and you need to do what works best for you. If you don’t have a lot of experience with paint, you might want to wait and hire a painting contractor with experience and good references. However, if you know what you want, there is no reason not to buy your paint before you hire your contractor. 

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