What Is Making My Paint Peel on the Interior of My Home?

What Is Making My Paint Peel on the Interior of My Home?

If you notice the paint on the interior of your home peeling, you may wonder what is happening. Typically, this problem comes from the paint having poor adhesion. If you want to understand what is causing the paint to peel, you need to understand what causes poor adhesion. Take a look at some of the reasons that your pain could be peeling. 


Moisture can seep under your paint, and if it does, it can cause the paint to peel. This can happen if you have a pipe that is leaking or if you live in an area that has high humidity. Moisture is the most common reason that paint peels, so you will want to check thoroughly to find the source of the moisture because if you repaint without finding it, it will happen again. 

Poor Preparation

Another problem that can lead to paint peeling is poor preparation. When you prepare the walls, you are ensuring that the paint will adhere to the surface. The surface needs to be clean and smooth before it is painted, and any cracks should be sealed. Proper prep is crucial to your paint job lasting. 

Painting Over Paint

If you paint over another layer of paint, it can lead to peeling. For example, if you use latex-based paint over oil-based paint, it won’t adhere the way it would if you removed the oil-based paint before you painted. It is important to know the type of paint on your wall, and remove it if you need to before you paint your walls. 

Wear and Tear

If your paint has been on the walls for a while, you could be seeing the effects of wear and tear. Over time, it fades, and then it might start peeling. You should try to make sure that you repaint your walls before this happens. 

Painting with Bad Paint

Another common problem occurs when your walls are painted with paint that has gone bad. This can happen if you have old paint that has not been stored correctly, which can happen when you keep it in the garage and it endures extreme temperature changes. When this happens, the paint loses its ability to adhere, and it will peel.

Your Climate Is Too Dry

Another condition that can lead to paint peeling comes from living in a very dry climate. Paint can’t handle moisture, but it can’t handle dry air with no humidity either. You might find that your paint starts cracking and then peels if you live in a dry area. 

How to Prevent Paint From Peeling

If you want to get the most life out of your paint, you need to start by making sure that there is no hidden moisture, and then prep your surfaces the right way. Any cracks should be filled in, and the walls need to be dry and smooth. You should not paint latex paint over oil-based paint because it won’t adhere. 

Make sure that you are using paint that is in good condition, and if you store paint, it should be in a cool, dry space. It should not be outdoors where it can go through extreme temperature changes. Once your paint freezes, it will no longer work properly. 

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