Things You Need to Know Before Starting an Interior Painting Project

Things You Need to Know Before Starting an Interior Painting Project

Giving your home an updated look may sound complex but if you want to do something simple, a new paint job can produce extraordinary results. In fact, it is amazing what a difference a paint job can make because it can turn your existing home into one that looks brand-new. With an interior paint job, you can immediately go from traditional to contemporary, light to dark, neutral to brightly hued. Whatever look you are going for, you can get it if you choose the right paint for the inside of your home. Just how is this done? Simple. There are a few tips to remember that can help you get the look that you were going for and it all starts with knowing which paint to purchase before you get started.

A Few Basics Can Create Just the Right Look

The sheen, or finish, of your paint is important to the overall look of the room and there are advantages to each type of finish, including eggshell, gloss, and satin. If you have a high-traffic area, it is best to use gloss or satin because they are easier to clean whereas a matte or flat finish hides imperfections better. When it comes to the actual color, using bold colors is something that you should never avoid because bold colors add texture and depth to the room. You can use more calming colors such as blue in the bedroom but in other areas, never be afraid of bright, bold colors.

Another tip to keep in mind involves a step that many people try to overlook but it is an important step nonetheless. Using a primer is important in all circumstances unless your paint is an all-in-one type that includes the primer in it. This step is especially important if you are changing your colors from dark to light because the last thing you want is to have your navy blue paint start to seep through onto your new, light yellow painted walls. Remember, whatever color you are using in your new room, use a primer first.

Save Yourself Some Time

While painting, you can save yourself some time if you keep a few other tips in mind. First, when you are using a roller and you wish to paint the corners and sides beforehand, do the latter first. If you paint the walls first and the sides later it can create lines, which means that you’ll have to spend more time repainting the walls in the end. And, speaking of rollers, if you’re going to be painting large areas such as walls, don’t even think about doing it without rollers because they save a lot of time and effort, as do extension poles. Let’s face it; gone are the days when all painting has to be done with a regular paintbrush because the tools used today make painting much simpler and faster. If you keep these and other tips in mind, you should end up with a beautiful room that creates the perfect look and lends some ambiance to your entire home, making you proud to be that home’s owner.

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