How Do I Choose Which Wall to Use as an Accent Wall?

Accent Wall Painting

If you want to make the right choice for an accent wall, it would help to understand just what it means to “accent” something. Most people associate this word with the spoken language. When someone speaks, he or she gives prominence to certain syllables in a word. This might be in loudness or the pitch of the voice.

However, when you’re decorating the interior of a home or business, you can put emphasis on a particular part of a room by selecting the right color and using that paint on the correct wall. The accent wall can be an important part of your overall design so it would be wise to take a bit of time to decide just how to make this space work correctly.

Take it Personally

When you’re discussing this detail with an interior designer, a professional painter, or family members and friends, don’t stray too far from your personal tastes and desires. If you’re a bold person who wants to make a statement of the same type, select the wall and use a bold color. You can complement this or even balance it with the right choice for other elements of the room. In fact, this is probably a time when you should definitely stray outside the lines of convention, so to speak.

As you’re deciding which color will be right for your special wall, you should also consider carefully which wall you use. For example, you want a wall with few, if any, objects to interrupt the color and flow of the accent. Choose a solid wall with your favorite sofa or other seating arrangements placed in that location. Keep in mind that you don’t want anything else to detract from the wall itself so go ahead and use that bold color that you’d avoid in other places.

It’s also essential to consider using a wall that is balanced in shape. Your best option is to use a wall with windows of the same size or a standard-size door and two windows of the same shape and size. You might use a darker color that works with the furnishings but your goal is always to draw the visitor’s eye to the wall first.

There’s More

Two of the most important elements to consider when thinking about accent walls involve the other items located against that wall and the ceiling, which is not a wall at all. First of all, you can have a strong color that catches your eye when you first enter the room but if you cover it with too much clutter (shelves, high-back furniture), you’ll defeat the original purpose. Smaller art pieces and shelving of comfortable size can work.

You might also give some thought to how you’ll treat the ceiling. Some homeowners have chosen to use the ceiling as the focal point, though this should be completed with great planning and careful interior selection. Alternatively, you can use an accent wall and achieve great balance with the correct ceiling paint. One solid tip: don’t settle for a random wall at the side of the room. Choose your wall carefully and be bold.

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