Trending Colors for Your Kid’s Room

Trending Colors for Your Kid’s Room

When you paint your kid’s room, you have a lot of different options. You can get creative and have fun with this project because it doesn’t follow the same rules as other parts of the home. The trends change over time, and this year they are moving away from bright colors to subtle pastels. Take a look at some of the colors that are trending for kids’ rooms. 

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow is a trending color because it is warm and versatile. It reminds you of summer, and it is a happy color. You can pair it with gray or pale green decor, but it also looks great with white or blue. Pale yellow walls work with just about any decorating theme, and it provides a relaxing environment where your child can sleep and play. 

Baby Blue

Another trending color is baby blue. This color is great for boys and girls alike, and it is known for having a calming effect. Baby blue is easy to mix with other colors, such as pale yellow, white, pink, and a darker blue. You have a lot of options when you choose this color. Blue makes people feel closer to nature because it is the color of the sky, water, and more. If you are looking for a calming color for your kid’s room, this is a great choice. 

Dusty Rose

Pink is a popular color, and dusty rose is a pale shade of pink that is subtle and beautiful. It goes well with floral patterns, but you can also pair it with neutral tones such as gray or creamy whites. It is a timeless color that is elegant and has tones of pink, lavender, and blue. It promotes happiness, and it can create a relaxing space for your child. 

Mint green

Mint green is a pastel color that promotes happiness. It is a cool color, and it can work well with other tones of green, white, navy, and more. You have a lot of choices when you choose this color. Green is a soothing color, and it helps children connect to nature. The lighter shade of mint green is ideal for reading and spending time in the room. 


Lavender is a color that is thought to be relaxing and spiritual. It is a popular choice for girls, and it can be paired with many other colors, including white, darker purple, or green. It helps your child go to bed feeling relaxed and wake up feeling refreshed, and it is a soft color that allows for a lot of different decorating choices. 


Aquamarine is a little brighter than some of the other pastel shades, but it brings energy and healing to the room. It is a positive and calming color, and it pairs well with whites and other shades of blue. You can also use reds, coral, or pinks if you want a greater contrast. This is a versatile color that adds energy to the room. It can be a lot of fun to work with because you have a lot of choices. 

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